Things you may wish to know


Once we talk and choose a location it's time to book! These things do not always happen in chronological order; however, to book I do require a non-refundable retainer fee. It is usually roughly 20% of the total investment, and it is deducted from the final payment - which usually occurs shortly after the event.

Ways to connect









I always encourage a first look

it has a way of separating the couple from the months of preparation

they get a moment alone -just for them

and it starts the ceremony

So many ways to connect

Contact me however you like and I will respond in that medium - phone calls tend to be great ice breakers and a quick way to exchange ideas.

Location Location Location

If you already have an amazing heartfelt location in mind great, but, if you need some help just let me know.

I am an expert in capturing MAGIC MOMENTS

Candid photography? Absolutely! This is unique to still photography definitely one of my favorites. There is so much magic taking place each hour of the day - whether it is the emotions of the face or the relaxed and beautiful forms or bodies take.

Wedding Wire

"Ian take an unobtrusive and discrete approach photographing weddings, ensuring that al of your precious memories are captured naturally."

  • Wedding Wire

Are you into posing?

Although candid pics rock! Some people want to get creative. Well hey, this is part art - part documentary, so I say lets try everything your heart desires.


Each photographer has his or her particular PHOTOGRAPHIC STYLE. Take note of this as it is very important in the end, because after all ... literally - after all is said and done .... this is what you have invested in.